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Melanie Anne

July 2021

I had a great experience with Luke and the team at Legal Home Loans. Luke was very knowledgeable, professional and nothing was too much trouble, the whole process went very smoothly from start to finish. I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Legal Home Loans.

Rachael Robertson

July 2021

Whole experience was great. Flexible after hours service was important. The whole team were supportive and kept me fully updated throughout the process. Would not hesitate to recommend and will certainly be using in the future.

Joshua Kamalaneson

July 2021

Luke Mansour and team were a dream to work with, and were able to source us an amazing rate with a top tier lender. Their product and market knowledge is incredible, and we will definitely use them again.

Rachel Osborne

July 2021

Hands down the best mortgage broker I have ever dealt with. The team is extremely helpful, always polite and very responsive. I would definitely use Legal Home Loans again.

Victoria Eastwood

July 2021

Huge thank you to Rachael, Mitch and Anaya with our refinance and purchase! We are very grateful for all the hard work put in to ensure that we got the best deals possible and everything ran smoothly so settlement happened exactly on time. I am sure it cannot be easy to deal with lawyers and our unique ways but you take it all in your stride and delivered for us!!!

Kiri Lebbesson

July 2021

Absolutely fantastic experience with Legal Home Loans. Cullen, Josh, Robin and their team have been amazing – from helping me to get a great deal, with finance secured quickly even with current delays in the market, through to support all the way through until settlement. They’ve been ready and willing to answer all of my questions, very fast response times and always happy to have a chat on the phone. I’ve felt they’ve been 100% on my side the whole time with no tricky parts, and it’s definitely made this part of the already stressful and daunting house-buying process so much easier! I 100% recommend the LHL team!

Jessica M

July 2021

Rachael and the team went above and beyond to secure my no LMI home loan – very grateful for their dedication and efficiency. As a first home buyer I had many questions a long the way and always felt supported .Thank you!

Jane Wild

June 2021

A huge thank you to legal home loans for assisting me purchase my forever home. Cullen and Josh were always available to answer my questions and I felt really supported throughout the process. Great job guys! Thank you

Penelope Parker

June 2021

Great experience. Rachael Moussad and her team were very responsive and provided excellent service.

Stuart Proposch

June 2021

Very professional, easy to work with and always responsive to queries with clear answers.

Nicholas Mark

June 2021

Massive thanks to Luke and the team at Legal Home Loans for assisting us with our home purchase. Reliable and responsive service enabled the process to be managed smoothly, from initial quotes through to settlement.

Eloise Y

June 2021

The team were a big help every step of the way.

Francesco Spanti

June 2021

Cannot speak highly enough of the team at Legal Home Loans. Lovely people and every step of the process was well explained and handled very smoothly. Huge thanks to Luke, Robin and Cullen for all their lovely help!


Chris Gordon

June 2021

The team were professional identified what was required and maintained and managed the process in an excellent manner Simply top marks

Jin Qian

June 2021

They can pull off what appears to be impossible. I engaged Legal Home Loans for quite a bespoke property transaction which I was having difficulty getting the financing for. I had spoken to another 2 mortgage brokers previously and they both told me that they were only available to get a 70% LVR loan because of the location I was buying in. Cullen and the team managed to find and get pre-approved a loan for 90% LVR with no LMI within a week of me approaching them. But the story doesn’t end there. There was a lot of renovations that had to be done to the subject property which were only complicated two weeks before settlement. The valuer came in on a Monday and only submitted his report on the Friday (the week before settlement). We had expected the report to come on a Wednesday at the latest. On Tuesday of the week of the settlement, it was a rather bleak situation. The loan had not been approved and settlement was on Friday. The valuation report also had adverse comments in relation to the rentability of the property.

William McCullough

The LHL Team are incredible; very responsive and helpful! They went the extra mile, time and time again, to ensure we achieved the outcome that we needed. I highly recommend their service.

Angelina Kozary

Everyone at Legal Home Loans was an absolute pleasure to deal with – their professionalism, efficiency, transparency and helpfulness made my transaction so easy from start to finish. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Matthew Ampt

Luke, Robin and Cullen were incredibly helpful. They found us the best rate and provided good sound advice on loan options. But what set Luke, Robin and Cullen apart was their ability to get our loan approved in record time. They also made the suggestion to go with a rate lock. By following their advice, we saved over $10k (when the banks increased their rates just a couple of days later). Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.

Gary SU

Excellent service!

Craig J

We are so grateful for the work Legal Home Loans have done to help us secure a great deal with no LMI. Luke and Cullen were particularly helpful at each step of the process. We always felt like we were made a priority. Would highly recommend them to anyone in the Legal Profession.

Kevin Nhan

Luke and Cullen were great in organising our first apartment purchase. Despite there being hiccups from the lender on settlement day, Luke escalated the matter quickly to resolve it and to ensure that settlement occurred on the day, which avoided penalties being payable. A big thanks to the team at Legal Home Loans for guiding us through the process!

Carl d'Entremont

Luke and Cullen really went the extra mile for us. It was great having them in our corner and they were always quick to respond to any of our queries. We highly recommend Legal Home Loans.

Enis Goktepe

The team are a pleasure to deal with, responsive and most importantly very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Jason Kim

A very pleasant experience with our refinance. Rachael of Legal Home Loans was very professional, approachable and helpful. We had lots of questions and she made us feel that we were really looked after as a customer. We would go back to Legal Home Loans for our next finance transaction.

Candice Chapman

We found this company through the NSW Law Society. They helped us get finance to purchase our first home. From the initial meeting with Cullen to the daily contact with Rachael we felt looked after and were able to get approval for a home loan with only a 10% deposit very quickly. I highly recommend getting in touch with them!

Sasha M

Cullen and Luke went above and beyond in their service. Highly recommended.

Georgina Withane

Excellent, efficient and honest. They don’t lie when they say they are specialists.

Taylor Hulls

Cullen, Rachael & the whole team at Legal Home Loans were extremely helpful in organising my re-finance, answering every question we had along the way and finding the perfect solution for us when our previous broker could not.

Jeffrey Tonazzi

Why would you deal directly with a bank, when you can have customer focused individuals like Luke & Cullen to manage the deal. The service from LHL was seamless, pre-approval arranged in advance, purchased, then settled in 4 weeks. Legal Home Loans are fantastic, plus we got a great product with ANZ. Very happy, and recommend to anyone in the legal community.

Gaston Gonzalez

Luke has helped us as our mortgage broker. He did a fantastic job finding the best deal for us, the whole process from the beginning to the end it was extremely smooth and also he answered all our questions with a lot of details. If I would buy a home again, for sure I will contact Legal Home Loans 🙂

Paola Rondario

My fiance and I are very pleased with the service we received from Cullen, Rachael, and their whole team. They were very responsive and were always available to address all our questions regarding our matter. Our settlement would not have gone as smoothly and efficiently as it did if not for their amazing effort. We highly recommend them and we will personally engage them again in the future.

James Hill

Thrilled with the service we received from Legal Home Loans. They secured us a great deal from a major bank with no LMI. At all times their service was prompt and courteous. Their knowledge of the market for home loans to lawyers is second to none. Absolutely recommend them to any lawyers.

Diana Hu

I had a great experience working with Cullen, Rachael and the Legal Home Loans team on a recent refinancing. The team was efficient, responsive and achieved me a great result (financially speaking). All very smooth, and the best customer care I’ve experienced with any mortgage broker!

Amy G

Thanks to the Legal Home Loans Team for getting us a great deal. The whole process from application through to settlement was seamless, no delays. Highly recommended ?

Stephanie Chiu

My husband and I had great experience with Legal Home Loans. Cullen and Luke were super responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. They both regularly kept us informed as to developments of our loan and were readily available to answer any questions that we had. Would highly recommend any lawyer to approach Legal Home Loans to obtain the best possible loan for their situation! Many thanks again to Luke and Cullen for facilitating such a smooth experience with the bank!

Tim Gough

The boys at Legal Home Loans did a fantastic job for us in challenging circumstances. Remained upbeat and positive throughout and communication was excellent. Will definitely use them again.

Kathryn Footner

Luke and Cullen were incredibly helpful, supportive, encouraging and professional. They acted quickly and helped us to comply with a tight timeframe. We are very grateful to them for making it all happen and recommend Legal Home Loans very highly.

Peter Hitch

Very professional and reliable service.

Gyimaah Mensah

Thank you so much LHL for making my refinancing my home process so easy. I really enjoyed working with Luke, Josh and Andrew. You guys are amazing at what you do.

I highly recommend LHL


Justin Jones

Excellent service, tailored to lawyers. I would be happy to recommend speaking to them.

Erin Ferguson

It was a bit of a tricky purchase from start to finish, with usual time frames and conditions due to COVID, but the guys were really friendly, professional and responsible. A couple hiccups along the way were addressed efficiently by all. Really appreciated how available both Cullen and Luke were, and their positive approach towards problem solving. We all got there in the end!!!?

Jacqueline McStay

I’d had a home loan for about 8 years and never really thought about it. I was a little bit sceptical because I’d met brokers before, and as soon as I met Andrew it was a completely different situation. He sat me down and said “Jacqueline, we can do something way better” and he did! It was so quick, it was within a couple of weeks that my life completely changed. He comes to me, and his energy is infectious. Even though he has so many other clients, he’s just all over my stuff which I know, as a lawyer is very difficult to do because you’ve got so many different clients. Sometimes I’ll call him on the mobile to ask a couple of questions just randomly, and he always answers, and he always knows the answer! I mean that’s unprecedented! To be frank, I’m a lawyer who works in the property industry a lot, and I care about my clients, but no one has really cared about me before, so having him in front of me has just been pretty mind blowing actually. Within that month, I saw the difference instantaneously, so it’s pretty much changed the way I’ve lived the last 8 years of my life.

David Salim

I reached out to Legal Home Loans because my current broker wasn’t servicing my needs and I couldn’t move forward with them. As soon as I met with Andrew, he understood what I was looking for and was able to facilitate that. As a corporate professional and running my own company, I work very long hours. Andrew was able to work around my timetable and my schedule, meet me after hours, meet me at home, meet me on weekends. What I thought was impressive when I first met him was that he said “I have to meet Vivian, explain all this to Vivian and make sure she understands”, I’ve never received that sort of service before and to me that’s very important. I would definitely recommend Andrew to other professionals in the industry, he understands the needs and the lifestyle factors, and doesn’t waste any time.

Tanny Jones

Thanks for your incredible hard work in getting my loan across the line! You all really went over and above.

Norman Ayoub

The quickest turn around, most professional people to deal with. Explained and made the whole loan process easy. I would recommend them to lawyers and all people. Thank you Cullen Haynes for your time and effort and your guidance throughout.

Jonathan Jaramillo

Knowledgeable, efficient, responsive and effective just a few words that described Andrew Johnson and the rest of the team at Legal Home Loans. When I approached Andrew, I told him that I had already signed a contract because I did not want to lose the opportunity that I was presented. I was already two days into my cooling period and only had five days left. I was very anxious but Andrew assured me that everything will be fine. Andrew was able to obtain finance within three days. He was able to secure the best rate possible in the market and ensured that I did not have to pay mortgage lenders insurance. Andrew always answered my calls and emails regardless of the time or day of the week it was. After such an amazing experience, I will be using Legal Home Loans for all my financial needs. Legal Home Loans are the Rolls Royce of brokers, look no further!!

Felicity Edwards

We threw up a lot of hurdles for Andrew but he really went the extra, extra mile(s) to get our deal over the line. We are very grateful for his hard work and commitment.

Laura Guille

It was such a pleasure dealing with Andrew and the team. They were efficient, fit meetings around us, communicated really clearly and inspired great confidence in us. We will definitely be using Andrew for any future home loan changes and can’t recommend him highly enough!

Sam Adair

We had a good experience with Cullen Haynes and LHL, who helped us refinance our mortgage to achieve a more competitive interest rate. At all times Cullen was attentive and enthusiastic about getting us the best possible deal. We look forward to working with him again in the future.

Monique Robbs

Cullen organized the finance for our new home – notwithstanding changes in employment, multiple income sources and a very quick move on our part from making an offer to signing a contract, Cullen was on top of everything and worked extremely efficiently and effectively with the bank to make sure we were able to settle simultaneously with the sale of our previous home. We have used a broker before and found it extremely frustrating, and were left wondering if we could have saved ourselves time and stress if we had just organized our own mortgage. By contrast, Cullen quickly identified the right loan for us with a great rate, and shepherded us through the application process with ease. He was so quick to respond and make everything happen, we were both extremely impressed and relieved we had Cullen to sort everything out for us. Even with a more complicated financial set up this time round, the process has been so much smoother and less stressful! We have just moved into our new home, and have no hesitation in recommending Cullen and the team at LHL to any of my colleagues who are in the market for finance.

Matthew Payne

Cullen and the team at LHL were dedicated and worked hard to secure us a better deal in a time when refinancing can be difficult. I am very happy with where we ended up and the LHL service to get us there. I highly recommend having a chat to them to see what they can do for you.

Tim Sargeant

My partner and I recently purchased our first property. Having been a lawyer for a number of years, I was aware that certain banks provided special perks for lawyers but was unaware which banks and what perks. I had seen some ads for Legal Home Loans, so decided to reach out to them to assist us. Cullen responded very quickly and set up a first meeting – at my offices! He gave me the low down on which banks would be good for me and I soon had pre-approval with Westpac! When we finally found our property, Cullen and Rachael made all the necessary arrangements with Westpac and my conveyancer (thereby saving me a lot of time and effort) and the property settlement proceeded without a hitch at the scheduled time. Both Cullen and Rachael were a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process and were genuinely excited for us both during the process of searching for and then ultimately securing our property. I would very highly recommend Legal Home Loans to any legal professional!

Daniel & Alexandra Briffa

We sought the services of Andrew and his team after having no success with any other broker or bank institution. Our circumstances where quite unique and complex, we had been advised that there was no way we would acquire a loan to purchase our investment property as well as complete our home that was at the beginning of construction. Due to the fact we are self employed, the task of getting a loan seemed impossible.
Andrew, Meera and Rachel went above and beyond and to our delight, they got us a loan to secure our investment property and finish our home.
Nothing was ever a problem, no question was too hard. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending their services. In our eyes, they are miracle workers.

Igor Paniushkin

A great company! My case was not simple, but Legal Home Loans took it on board and delivered as promised! During a settlement there were some issues between the bank, the builder and the solicitor, but Legal Home Loans stepped in and helped to resolved all problems successfully.
Highly recommend!

Richard Stewart

Friendly and very convenient service.

Warwick Ryan

Andrew, Meera, and the team were such a pleasure to deal with. I felt like they were working with me at all points. Where possible, they arranged matters so that I was never inconvenienced. When I contacted them – they would come back to me quickly – if they were not available at the time.

I would certainly use them for my next transaction and would recommend them to anyone.

Mark Cadle

Highly Recommended. Legal Home Loans went beyond the call of duty. I was most impressed by there dedication and determination to obtain the finance required. The transaction was far more complicated than most and LHL succeeded when other brokers had either failed or declined to try and secure the loan. Throughout the difficult process, LHL’s remained positive, friendly and professional. Highly recommended.

Jess Bradburu

Helpful, reliable and professional. Everything thoroughly explained.

Rupert Watters

My wife and I were very happy with our experience with Legal Home Loans. While I was initially sceptical of using a mortgage broker, LHL won me over by being able to obtain a mortgage for us from a Big 4 bank on terms that were significantly better than anything a major bank was offering publicly. In addition, LHL made the process of obtaining a mortgage very easy to understand and were very good at communicating with us about what was going on and what we needed to do. Overall, I would definitely recommend LHL to other legal professionals.

Diarna Cuda

I had a really great experience with Cullen and Rachael. My settlement was just after the Christmas period. My only comment would be that a contact person be available to answer queries during office closure periods.

Natalie Donnan

Thanks to Andrew and Rachael for our first home purchase. Both Andrew and Rachael guided us along every step of the way, including Andrew being on call on Friday nights and Saturday mornings to help us through last minute questions and settle pre-auction nerves. We might have had a little luck on our side, as the process from pre-approval to house purchase was about 6 weeks, but we could not have done it without Legal Home Loans. We highly recommend them for their nuanced advice and cool, calm and collected approach. Thanks again team.

Jackie O'Brien

The whole team at Legal Home Loans has been terrific. Andrew Johnson was responsive, professional and extremely efficient. I was very impressed by how, and how quickly, things were able to be organised for me. Everyone was a pleasure to deal with and I can’t recommend you all too highly.

Christopher Merjane

I’ve had a few other experiences with brokers and they weren’t catering towards my industry and what I do specifically. Andrew from LHL was walking me through each part of the process and it didn’t take up much of my time. He came to me with specific products that actually met my needs—we discussed upfront that 90% LMI waiver was a necessary part of what I needed, and I wasn’t hearing about other things. My home loans needed some work. There was quite a few of them, they were at really high rates, going to Legal Home Loans was a way of solving all of those issues. Best of all we ended up saving $8000 a year on average between the investment loans and the home loans, which was a fantastic result. I’d definitely recommend Legal Home Loans to my colleagues and friends. The main thing is, I can trust that they will take care of them the same way they took care of me.

Beau Thomas

Honest, genuine and straight to the point… this is what comes to mind when I see this brand! If you’re looking for asset finance or a mortgage with a special touch, reach out to these guys and you’ll be looked after years after your first consultation – they have a familial approach to their clientele.

Chrissy Leontios

Andrew, you and the team have been our blessing! I’ve honestly never encountered such a prompt, efficient, and outstanding business before! Business goals!

Thank you for going above and beyond and servicing Magnetic Island.

Mitch dela Cruz

Highly Recommended! Rachael and Andrew worked non-stop in a difficult situation to get our finances approved in a short settlement window. They were very communicative which helped ease our mind during this stressful time. Their overall knowledge of available products was just something we found invaluable and would not have been able to find on our own! Very pleased with the result and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Jacqueline Kelly

Wonderful service from Cullen and Rachael! They found us the perfect home loan product for our situation, guided us through the whole process and ultimately enabled us to secure our dream home much quicker than we ever expected! Cannot thank them enough for all their hard work and would definitely recommend their services to any lawyers/barristers looking to invest in property!

John Farrugia

Our experience with Legal Home Loans was excellent! The team were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and always very responsive. They made the process of securing a home loan incredibly easy and as stress free as possible. We were impressed with the competitive rates Andrew was able to negotiate which resulted in an outcome we were very happy with. Would definitely recommend Legal Home Loans, especially for young legal practitioners looking to enter the housing market.

Emily Aitken

The team at Legal Home Loans were always prompt, pleasant and took the thinking and legwork out of getting a home loan. Andrew and Rachael understand how lawyers work and what we need and made the whole process of obtaining finance stress free.

Tim C

Rachael and Andrew were amazing with helping me get my home loan application over the line with a very tight timeframe, with pre-approval, full approval and settlement in less than one month in total. They were responsive to my questions and kept me updated every step of the way. Highly recommend.

Valentene Asvestas

My experience with Legal Home Loans was fantastic. Andrew and Rachael were efficient and responsive and made the process of securing a home loan very easy. Thanks so much for your help!

Jane Declan

We had such a great experience with Luke and Cullen. Responsive, professional and patient – especially given the additional challenges and bank delays associated with COVID-19. Highly recommended.

Christopher Edwards

Awesome people awesome service, sorted multiple loans and our endless questions without a hitch. If I could give 6 stars I would. Thanks again guys, we could not have sorted our house without you.

John Masters

Over the last 37 years I have dealt with many financial institutions and have no hesitation in saying that my best experience has been with Cullen and Rachel. Where many mortgage brokers spend hours explaining why things could not be done, this Legal Home Loans team actually said they could do even more – and they did. We received a most competitive interest rate even though the LVR would justify a higher rate. Furthermore, all our properties are now with the one lender and managing them is a breeze. It is clear that Cullen and Rachel work to a plan and I found that I was constantly updated about progress. I have already started recommending them to others and will always give Legal Home Loans the first opportunity in relation to my financing needs. Thank you so much for all your help.

Lauren Absalom

Cullen and Luke were exceptionally helpful with navigating the home loan process. They were quick in their response times to us, fast moving with getting things done with third parties, and left us with a sense of confidence that they knew what they were doing. We look forward to continuing to work with them into the future.

Michael Solari

The team at Legal Home Loans kept me fully informed at all times during the loan approval process and where necessary were able to escalate the process with the lender.
I would highly recommend Legal Home Loans.

Jennifer Dizon

Amazing service from Rachael and Cullen! They were able to secure me a home loan approval so much faster than I could ever have imagined! They were very communicative, informative and understand how lawyers work. They’ve made the property purchase process stress-free for me. Extremely pleased with the result and would highly recommend them to everyone. Thanks once again guys, very grateful for your excellent service!

Dean Charalambous

I would highly recommend Legal Home Loans to others looking for a suitable and competitive deal on their mortgage needs. Cullen was very efficient and personable to deal with. The team as a whole was very patient when handling my matter even when I needed extended time to obtain information.

Mitchell Strachan

Can’t recommend Luke, Cullen and the team at Legal Home Loans highly enough.

Tristan Nathanielsz

LHL go the extra mile – brilliant problem solvers, and with access to rates that the lenders won’t tell you about!

Catherine Bray

October 2020

Legal Home Loans are a team of dedicated professionals who keep the customer informed every step of the way and who go beyond what is expected to deliver an outcome that takes into account the timeframes and requirements of their customer. Highly recommended.

Johnathan Maher

October 2020

Great service, well managed my loan approval process throughout.

Hayder Shkara

October 2020

Amazing team and a pleasure to work with.

Tina Perrotta

October 2020

Great work Legal Home Loans!!! Will definitely recommend you all to my colleagues.