Finance tailored exclusively for barristers.

As a barrister, your finance requirements are unique. As Australia’s only finance broking service for legal professionals, we understand your needs and how to leverage your elite standing with lenders like no other.

Legal Home Loans are your specialists for all your lending needs:

  • Home loans and refinancing
  • Working capital facilities
  • Chambers finance (for relevant Australian states)
  • Asset finance

We intrinsically understand your profession, how barristers are remunerated, and how shares in chambers are structured. With this understanding, we are able to make the process of securing finance easy. 

How we can help

Our specialist team are here to help you get started on your property journey and save you time, money and stress. With access to all major lenders and private banks, we ensure that our clients have extensive options and are able to secure the best possible terms, whether you’re a new or an existing barrister.

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