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Is stress your workplace cancer?

Ever heard the saying “stress to success”? No? Maybe it’s just your personal hidden mantra. But we’re here to debunk the concept and advocate self-care to boost your and your team’s productivity.

Stress should be regarded as something that is integrally linked to overall health, or rather, the demise of it. It’s not inevitable, nor is it inconsequential to your business. The lifestyle choices your employees make will impact their susceptibility to feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Australian Broker recently put out a report outlining an insightful study by the GCC which shows that workers who boast jam-packed diaries, overtime in the office, back-to-back meetings and early mornings in the office could actually be the least productive employees, rather than the most successful. The irony!

The findings are based on a study of 160,000 employees worldwide. The stats serve as a timely reminder about the threats of stress. Stress is starting to manifest as the slow, chronic killer of your best employee’s productivity.

Here are a few pointed statistics: – One in every three employees (36%) reported feeling above average stress levels

– Only 63% of stressed workers reported above average productivity, which means over a third of those stressed-out workers are struggling to perform at their best.

– How you can equip your employees to better cope with and respond to pressure in a positive way is one of the most important things your organisation can do – both for your people and for your bottom line. 

So what are your plans for eliminating or at the very least, minimising stress levels for yourself as an employer, and your valued employees?

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