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Why use a broker?

Like many people, have you never really gauged why you’d use a broker? Have you ever thought “can’t my bank just organise my finance?” Well sure, but without a broker, it’s a bit like going to a shopping centre, walking into the first shop and buying the third item you try on, because the salesman/woman …

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Location, location, location!

Are you thinking about investing? Let’s talk familiar markets and where to buy. We’ve all heard it; “location, location, location”, is the most important aspect of home purchasing. It truly is significant, as the location affects your return on the investment. Consider buying an investment property in an area you’re familiar with as it’ll take you …

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Feeling Hungry?

We’ve got the down low on Sydney’s 5 best suburbs to live in, but how do you know you’ll be comfortable in your new area? Grab a meal, maybe a drink and suss out the local gems! Here are the top suburbs and some eateries we’ve coined that you HAVE to check out in them! …

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Take advantage of the $150K asset write-off

UPDATE: The IAWO cut-off has been extended by six months to 31 December, 2020, by the Federal Government to help businesses and sole-traders help improve cash flow. If you’re self-employed, do not miss your opportunity while the IAWO threshold has been temporarily lifted to $150,000 (previously $30,000). Assets can be new or second-hand, and must …

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